Introducing the Powerhouse

5-Step Framework to Money, Power, and Respect.


  • The top THREE mistakes people Discover the critical trio of errors individuals commonly encounter during the preparation phase of their business launch, along with effective strategies to evade them.
  • The SECRETS to getting your business started Unveil the key insights for commencing your business in an optimal manner, enabling you to attract the right audience and establish unwavering credibility.
  • The Powerhouse 5-Step Framework to Money, Power & Respect This comprehensive system empowers you to increase your earnings, establish a formidable personal brand, and attain the wealth and influence necessary to create positive change in your community and the realm of politics!

About Chandra Brooks:

Chandra Brooks is a Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Entrepreneur and founder of The Powerhouse Academy™& The Powerhouse Women™. A Program and Movement that turns women leaders with a message, movement and business idea into Influential Women and Full-Time Entrepreneurs. She’s been named one of the Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley from Silicon Valley Business Journal and Latina with Vision Award from New York Life.

Fane made 1.3 Million in her business and appointed as a Commissioner after going through the Powerhouse Academy.

In this inspiring testimonial, Fane Rogers shares her remarkable journey and attributes her business's phenomenal success of generating more than 6 figures to the transformative impact of the Powerhouse Academy. Fane highlights the invaluable knowledge, strategies, and support she gained from the Academy, enabling her to elevate her business to new heights and achieve unprecedented financial growth. Her testimonial serves as a testament to the remarkable potential and tangible outcomes that await those who embrace the Powerhouse Academy's empowering resources and guidance.